In attendance: Rachel Carlson, Ocie Banks, Ann DuBose-Li, Rebecca Vanover, Michael Wu

Our Chapter

Membership Report, Max Nolin

  • Membership ticked down 2 members to 228 this past month. Mostly due to people who need to renew their membership.
  • A note went out to lapsed members last week asking them to renew their membership and advertising our two Fall events.
  • On a positive note our student memberships have ticked up by 5 since last Spring
  • To that end, we are again offering a discounted student membership this year. When students register through the National ACDA website they will see the “student membership” option available, and because we are a state supporting this initiative, they will get a much subsidized rate.
  • ACDA is in its membership drive season which goes through October. The best type of marketing is organic. Please reach out to your choir colleagues at work to make sure they are members of ACDA. The more members we have, the richer our experience can be!

Today’s Happy Hour

Regrets: Sherry, Jim, Max, Allan, Clayborn, Keith, Douglas, Megan

October 19 Reading Session

Presenters Max, Annick, Edryn, Joshua, Ann: PDFs from Annick, Edryn, Joshua

Notes: UMBC confirmed and free rental. Music ordered from Musical Source. Thanks to Rebecca Vanover for reaching out to JWPepper to see if there are free scores available for attendees; I have extra reading packets from last year’s MD/DC reading session as well as from this past August’s Voices United. I will leave those for people to take.

Sing Up!

Now underway, we need to create a push and a connection with our local universities to get new members.  We also have opportunity to recommend colleagues anywhere beyond their college years to join. Can we share this load?

  • Blast chapter members for the 10 free comps? No. Wu would rather we reach out individually and invite colleagues to become members. They should attend a chapter event and receive a written recommendation from the sponsoring member.  We can get to 10 easily.
  • Collegiate: Wu reached out to UMd, Towson, Peabody. Rebecca texted Ken Elpus at UMd to prompt a response. I will reach out again. Other institutions with music education programs include Frostburg State and Salisbury. Wu will add them to his reach out.

Sight Readings

Feedback? Next one shortly after October 15, focused on diversity initiatives in choral music in our chapter: Jerusalem Chorus, Encore, GenOUT, Sister Cities Girl Choirs, Bloom by Strathmore Sing Out!

  • Positive from members so far
  • Be more careful about subject line so that people know whether chapter is sending news for upcoming events, newsletter, etc.  Example: not all caps SIGHT READINGS, but Latest Chapter News or October Events

Presidential Elections

Who will run against Max Nolin? How soon can we make this happen?

  • Jim Kreger has a Thomas Circle Singers member who will run against Max. Wu to follow up sooner than later.

Eastern Region ACDA Conference

Delaware Chapter Protest, Page 5

Delaware Chapter ACDA shared a letter of protest with me because the Children’s Honor Choir auditions (for the ensemble Henry Leck will lead) was under-enrolled, causing the committee to reopen auditions (they close tomorrow) with new requirements. They felt this unfair, specifically because they pushed their membership to sponsor students for their original April deadline with more strenuous singing requirements. If you work with teachers who did the work in April, how do they feel?  Do we as a chapter join that protest?

  • Discussion was about how the Eastern Conference Planning Committee reached out to directors to increase participation, and that the added conveniences served the directors who expressed need for recorded learning tracks among other provisions. The audition itself was unchanged.
  • MD/DC felt this could pass without comment.

Maryland/DC Chapter Activities During Eastern Region Conference

Regardless of protest, we as a chapter in Eastern Region need to represent and hold an event—lunch? Happy Hour?—during the conference to continue to grow our chapter and show our membership that our local chapter is working for them. Who’s going, and who will help figure out these logistics/planning?

  • Discussion: Stephen Holmes organized a Happy Hour at the last Eastern Region conference to great success. Have him be part of the contact for that to happen in 2020.
  • Committee can also reach out to Eastern—Judy DuBose in Frederick is helping with Children’s Honor Chorus—to find spaces in the schedule where MD/DC can organize an event for chapter members.

ACDA Children’s Chorus Directors Retreat

January 18-19, 2020, Atlanta, Georgia

  • FYI. Wu, DuBose-Li, several other chapter members will be in attendance.

New Business

  • Ann DuBose-Li spoke last June about the challenges for some students facing social and economic challenge to participate in honor choirs like Eastern Region conference. In her research to date, Eastern Region has no procedure or policy to distribute financial aid in support of such honor choir participants.
    • Discussion about asking families to share tax information and other income sounded too much for MD/DC chapter to create as policy; perhaps demonstration that students attend Title I school (where more than half of the student body receives free or reduced-price meals) and are part of the population receiving that benefit automatically qualifies student for aid.
    • Perhaps we create two-tiers: financial need and musical excellence.  While the chapter has funds available now, creating such opportunities will require funding and support long-term; adding a Donate option to our website is a possibility.
  • FYI, Wu hosting Susan Brumfield during last week of February 2020. Brumfield is coming from some clinic and presentation work for New Jersey; she is staying because she leads Maryland Young Voices Festival in Annapolis February 29. George Mason asking for Brumfield all day February 27; perhaps we can revive a teacher training or collegiate conference February 28?  Others who could contribute to a conference for choral music educators (to be and already) include Ann, who has a presentation on serving students with special needs.
  • Meeting adjourned into Happy Hour at Bar Louie right around 5 p.m.!

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